Mental Health

All suffering is in the mind. Optimize the management of your psychiatric symptoms to feel and perform better than you imagined.

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Addiction is a disease of self-deception. Dr. Martorano and his team will work with you to understand the difference between sobriety and abstinence. Their expertise will help you incorporate lifestyle changes and manage symptoms of addiction and mental illness to maintain your sobriety.

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Pain Management

Even people with substance abuse issues deserve pain management. Dr. Martorano is one of the nation's experts on managing pain including the rational prescribing of opiates for chronic pain in people with a history of addiction.

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TMS - Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

A Wyoming first!

Finally, Wyoming has an FDA approved, non-pharmacologic treatment for depression. Dr. Martorano is the only provider in the state who offers this amazing treatment for depression. Learn More about TMS.

WYPSCH - One stop on the Road to Recovery

One of the country's premier psychiatrists, David Martorano, M.D., makes his home in Casper. Now you can access cutting edge treatments directly. Dr. Martorano leads a team of highly-trained and caring staff, bringing you comprehensive solutions for complex mental health issues.


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